Our Story

We pioneered barn-raised egg production in New Zealand and more than 20 years on, we're still the name you can trust, the brand you should look for. We invite you to learn more of our story here.

An idea hatches

In 1995, Graeme Napier was one of many sheep farmers in the Wairarapa. He’d never thought of diversifying into poultry until a local farm came up for sale. When he saw the battery hen operation up close, Graeme decided to buy the operation and change it.

He and his wife wanted to give the birds a better environment in which to lay their eggs. So the Napiers created the Henergy System, replacing the traditional battery shed with a safe and comfortable barn where the hens have the advantages of a free-roaming animal and consistently produce high quality eggs.

A new way of farming to produce eggs was born.

Recognised for approach

In 1999, Henergy was the first producer in New Zealand to be awarded the SPCA’s coveted Blue Tick which guarantees high welfare standards for animal food products. The accreditation is audited each year, and Henergy continues to pass with flying colours.

In 2011, Henergy was also awarded a prestigious Good Egg Award from the international organisation Compassion In World Farming for its commitment to cage-free eggs.

Today, Henergy Eggs continues to raise fresh, delicious eggs in the beautiful Wairarapa. At our clean and sunny farm, we feed our hens a multigrain feed made especially for us that includes added protein and calcium to help ensure stronger, healthier eggs.

Our combination of great taste and lack of cruelty has been embraced by New Zealanders and Henergy is now one of the most popular brands of cage-free eggs in the country. Look for them in most supermarkets.