Our Ethical Credentials

Henergy pioneered the Henergy System as a more humane way to house chickens. Our hens are not caged. Instead they live in a large open plan barn that provides a living environment that is safe.

We believe in cage-free eggs

The great advantage of the Henergy System is that it has been specifically designed to provide hens with an environment in which they can thrive. Chickens are not predators by nature and so naturally prefer environments that offer protection such as the edge of forests, scrublands and tall grasslands.

The Henergy cage-free barn was created to offer similar protection to a natural habitat while still allowing the chooks to roam across a varied environment. Within the barn, they can socialise, dust bathe or forage at floor level, rest and relax on the central terrace, or nest in the private nesting boxes at the top level.


We have proven ethical credentials. In 1999, Henergy was the first producer in New Zealand to be awarded the SPCA’s coveted Blue Tick which guarantees high welfare standards for animal food products. The SPCA’s coveted Blue Tick guarantees high welfare standards for animal food products. It’s a sure sign that you are buying humanely-raised food. By purchasing products that carry the SPCA Blue Tick you are also supporting animal welfare and helping to promote better farming practices in New Zealand. The accreditation is audited each year, and Henergy continues to pass with flying colours.

In 2011, Henergy was also awarded a prestigious Good Egg Award from the international organisation Compassion In World Farming for its commitment to cage-free eggs.